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Top Utilities Which You Mixer Grinder Serve In Your Kitchen

Posted by Admin on November, 22, 2021

With the incredible choice of mixer grinders available today, food preparation has now become a lot simpler and quicker with mixers using Kenstar type mixer grinder motor. To make any dish, most of the pureeing, chopping, shredding, crushing, blending, and combining may be done in a couple of minutes.

The new technology provides a 20% finer grind while being safe thanks to optimal ventilation, which prevents overheating.

Such mixer grinders with Kenstar type mixer grinder motor, have a longer life and are more energy-efficient, resulting in cheaper electricity expenditures.

These mixers allow you to create tasty dishes in a short amount of time. Mixer grinders could aid you in a variety of ways, including:

Masala Powder:

A simple masala powder will give a lot of richness to your Indian cuisine. The ready-to-use masala powders on the market pale in comparison to homemade masala prepared to utilize fresh ingredients and an electric mixer.


Making fresh and flavorful tomato purees for something like an Indian style Punjabi paneer is a breeze with mixer grinders' blending capabilities. Simply blanch, peel, and mash the potatoes in three steps.


Chutneys, including ginger garlic paste, are indeed a classic in Indian cuisine. Chutneys, whether dry or wet, provide a bit of spice to any dish. Many mixer grinder models include quite a distinct chutney jar which is expressly built to prepare the finest chutneys, bearing the value of chutney in consideration. For instance, a high-quality blender with robust blades is required for a smooth mix and uniformity in coconut chutney.

Dosa or Idly Batter:

Dosa and idly, a popular South Indian dish, have piqued the interest of many across the country. Batter preparation has grown relatively simple in recent years. Who really doesn't enjoy having a variety of breakfast items? You can produce batters for pancakes, cookies, dosas, and sometimes even rice cakes using mixer grinders.

You can make the lump-free batter in only a few mins if you use the proper blades and speed. That was one of the qualities that distinguish mixer grinders from hand blenders.


You don't seem to be able to finish any of your meals without something sweet. Your favourite desserts may be produced quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home. High-quality mixers could readily make some traditional desserts that require grinding as well as mixing. Kaju Katli, Ladoos, and Halwa are among the many types that nobody can resist trying.

Powdered or icing sugar for icing as well as shakes can also be made with mixer grinders. This is really a simple process that can save you a huge amount of money.

Juices and smoothies:

Every eating plan or fitness programme will involve the daily consumption of a glass of juice or protein shake. You can produce them in a matter of seconds with these high-powered mixers. You will be able to attain your fitness goal without even any difficulty. Smoothies can be created at any time using your favourite fruits, nuts, and garnishes.

Final Words:

To achieve the right consistency for gravies including paneer butter masala and channa masala, all of the components must be ground together. You would be able to produce any restaurant-style cuisine at home with high-quality mixer grinders. The blender blades are sharp enough to cut through tough material and produce a smooth mixture.

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